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Rola-Chem Corporation manufactures Peristaltic Pumps, pH/ORP Controllers, Chemical Storage Tanks and Flow Meters for the commercial swimming pool and SPA markets.

Paradise Industries markets the Paradise SPA Vac™, Pool Sentry™ water leveler, Turbo Brush, Scumbug™ oil absorbing sponge Ultra Screen skimmer basket liner, Ultra Net skimmer net cover, Ultra Mitt cleaning glove, Ultra Patch pool cover patch, Ultra Strip solar cover patch, Ultra Handle hose carry / hanger and the Algae-Bugger II cartridge filter brush for the swimming pool and SPA Markets.

Our products reflect our motto – “Maintenance Made Easy”

For more information please contact Rola-Chem Corporation / Paradise Industries at:

Rola-Chem / Paradise Industries
5858 Centerville Road
St. Paul, MN 55127
Phone (800) 549-4473 * Fax (651) 653-0989
E-mail: [email protected]

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