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Pool Pros Coast to Coast–Pro tips to simplify your Job

Pool and Spa service professionals are at the core of Rola-Chem’s ability to provide the superior products that assure pool owners a consistently ideal experience. We salute the hard work of these professionals. To recognize their expertise and grow in their profession, we have developed this Pro Tips from Coast to Coast page.

On this page, Pool Pros share their advice, best practices, and stories about how Rola-Chem products help them make pool and spa maintenance easier every day. Drop us a note and share your Pool Pro Tips.

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“After setting up my first Rola-Chem Remote Monitor, I received an alert from the webbased system that prompted a call to my resort customer to check on it. He told me it was a “low flow signal” he was able to quickly correct, I was relieved and the alert saved me a long drive to trouble shoot the problem. I saved time, my customer saved money.”

John Sims—Commercial Pool Supply

“A Rola-Chem Ready-To-Mount system installation requires very little technical expertise. Most customers can be guided on system set up questions over the phone I can’t say that about any other manufacturer’s system.”

Mike Volkers, CPOI—Horizon Pool Supply

“My customers rely on their Rola-Chem’s because they just work!”

Joe Dettrey—Commercial Pool Supplies

“Because Rola-Chem is so reliable and easy-to-use, I can serve more customers and make more money.”

Hector Munoz—HDM Pools